The Story of Diego Maradona – Chinese Listening & Reading

Do you like football? Whose fan are you? Do you know the football star Maradona just passed away last month? In today's Chinese lesson, let's listen and read the life story of Diego Maradona in honor of him. We also hope this will be helpful with your Mandarin Chinese listening and reading skills.

New Words in This Lesson

  • 球星 qiúxīng - football star
  • 阿根廷 Āgēntíng - Argentina
  • 去世 qùshì - pass away
  • 球迷 qiúmí - football fan
  • 标志 biāozhì - mark
  • 伟大 wěidà - great
  • 冠军 guànjūn - champion
  • 世界杯 shìjièbēi - the World Cup
  • 上帝 shàngdì - God
  • 辉煌 huīhuáng - glorious
  • 崇拜 chóngbài - adoration
  • 禁赛 jìnsài - suspend
  • 遗憾 yíhàn - regret
  • 退役 tuìyì - retire

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Bonus: You can download the MP3 and PDF transcript of this lesson for on-the-go learning below.


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