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✔ Everyday Chinese 101 (Level 1 - 2 Part A)
✔ 30 structured Conversational Chinese lessons
✔ Hundreds of Real-life Dialogues of Native Speakers
✔ Detailed Explanation of Grammar & Language Points
✔ Improve Your Chinese Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills

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EverydayChinese - Joyce


Hello! I'm Joyce. I've been teaching Chinese for 9 years. Among my students who are from different parts of the world, there are kids as young as six years old, and also there are some elderly people in their seventies. My strength is to teach Chinese language from the learners’ perspective with the most simple explanation and remind you of what are the possible mistakes you may make or questions you’d like to ask. I will give you a fruitful lesson each time!

Why choosing Everyday Chinese 101 to learn Chinese?

My Foreign Language Learning Journey

While teaching Chinese, I’ve also acquired my 3rd and 4th foreign languages by trying every way of learning a language which you could have tried yourself as well, such as enrolling in a small class, using 1-to-1 teaching online, buying online Apps,etc. But I find out each method mentioned above should be complemented by each other. You cannot simply relying on only 1 way to truly master a language. You might have met the situations as I’ve met before, a teacher who cannot address your questions clearly even if you’ve chosen a local speaker, feeling hard to memorize words due to a lack of input such as listening scenarios.
As a foreign language learner myself, I think it’s time that we should design a Chinese course which could have traits of various listening scenarios + a clear explanation into just one course.


Reason 1: Various listening scenarios (All For Your Easy Memory)

  • 3 different scenarios of listening
  • Don’t blame yourself if you find it hard for you to remember so many words, as it’s due to a lack of enough “input” of the target language instead of your poor memory. The most practical experience for memorizing any words for phrases is to meet them at least in 3 different scenarios before you can truly use them. That’s why in Everyday Chinese 101, we’ve designed 3 small dialogues in each lesson to familiarize you with them as much as possible. After learning this course, you’ll find yourself easily understanding those dialogues.

  • Real-life language contexts
  • Besides, each of the key sentences is read by different speakers. As it’s essential to adjust yourself to different voices and styles saying this sentence before you can finally react to it. That’s why in this course, "voice contributors" concept has been introduced in. Who are those "voice contributors" for those dialogues? They are not professionals but any common Chinese person which you could meet in real life, such as a primary student, a couple in their forties, a retired engineer, a college teacher, a company employee, etc.

    Reason 2: A clear explanation

  • A scientific study load
  • This course is not especially designed for exam-targeted students, but it includes every essential language point which you could find in the authoritative textbooks available in the market. I always believe that passing exam is not an aim but a very natural result of your study performance. Everyday Chinese 101 is to help you from a completely zero level and help you to conquer each language point. In each lesson, 2 grammar or language points are explained, which are very easy for you to digest in one lesson time.

  • PRE alerting "traps"
  • As we want to make it effectively work for your Chinese study, we’ll alert you any possible mistakes commonly made by students and let you bypass the mistake before you make it. Many students are not even aware that they are making mistakes when they speak. So in Everyday Chinese 101, you will find those “easily made mistakes” are alerted as we want you to never make the same mistake and there are enough exercises designed accordingly. Our aim is to help you study effectively and correctly on your own.

  • Review is the key
  • Forgetting is a forever friend of learning. Thus we design the every 10th lesson to be a review lesson. In this review lesson, key points are reorganized into 3 new different dialogues to test whether you’ve truly digested what you’ve learned in this unit. Additionally, an audio with 30+ new sentences which encompass the learned words are provided to help you understand and use more various Chinese with ease. As we’re here to solve a constant question raised by learners. “Why I’ve learned this word before, but when it is used with another word which I’ve also learned, I just cannot react and understand......”

    What's inside the course?

    ✔ 30 structured Chinese lessons for beginners or intermediate students (Including Level 1 & Level 2 Part A)
    ✔ Real-life dialogues and key sentences listening material
    ✔ Detailed and plain explanation of grammar language points
    ✔ Self-assessment quiz & exercises of words and grammar points
    ✔ Language tips & culture for your culture immersion
    ✔ Character Writing for key Chinese characters
    ✔ Lifetime access after enrolling the course

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need books to study this Course?
    Absolutely not! All the lessons in this course are designed by the
    EverydayChinese team. Once you enroll in the course, we will offer you the lecture video, mp3,
    transcript, notes, quiz and pdf. Therefore, you don’t need to get extra books.
    How long do I have access to the course?
    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to
    this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your
    purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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