10 Chinese Words You’re Probably Mispronouncing!

In today's Chinese lesson, we’re going to talk about 10 common Chinese words that can be mispronounced even by 90% Chinese people in spoken Chinese. We actually have different Mandarin accents from the standard pronunciation in Chinese textbooks.

Note 1: Those Chinese words are pronounced differently in spoken and written Chinese for the sake of easy pronunciation. The pronunciation of many of these words in spoken Chinese has been widely accepted, even by linguists. When you are speaking Chinese, you can use the pronunciation in spoken Chinese. But when you write pinyin, you still have to write the correct pinyin of written Chinese.

Note 2: There are great differences between spoken and written Chinese. Spoken Chinese allows mistakes in pronunciation and grammar, as long as the communication is successful. However, when taking an exam or writing Pinyin, which is written Chinese, make sure you write correct Pinyin.


List of the Chinese TV shows or movies mentioned:

  1. 《一家人之名》Go Ahead

  1. 《三十而已》Nothing but Thirty

  1. 《向往的生活》Back to Field S4

  1. 《微微一笑很倾城》Love O2O

  1. 《都挺好》 All is Well

  1. 《囧妈》Lost in Russia

  1. 《安家》 I will Find You a Better Home

  1. 《幸福触手可及》 Lover Designer

  1. 《飞驰人生》? Pegasus

  1. 《唐人街探案2》 Detective Chinatown 2

  1. 《全民目击》 Silent Witness

  1. 《原谅他77次》 77 Heartbreaks
  2. 《十二生肖》  CZ 12

  1. 《妖猫传》 Legend of the Demon Cat

  1. 《28岁未成年》  Suddenly Seventeen


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