“What’s your name” in Chinese你叫什么/怎么称呼/您贵姓

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Phrase of the Day
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Phrase of the Day


Nǐ jiào shénme/Zěnme chēnghū/Nín guì xìng

Can I have your name?

Dialogue 1

A: 你叫......?

Nǐ jiào......?

You are...?

B: 王敏。

Wáng Mǐn.

Wang Min.

Dialogue 2


Nǐ hǎo, zěnme chēnghū?

Hello, can I have your name?


Wǒ jiào Wáng Fāng.

I’m Wang Fang.

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Dialogue 3

A: 您贵姓?

Nín guì xìng?

May I have your last name?

B: 免贵,姓赵。

Miǎn guì, xìng Zhào.

My last name is Zhao.



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