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Learn a new phrase each day to use in your Chinese! Every day we publish a phrase together with audio pronunciation, definition and dialogue. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. Want to speak authentic Chinese? Check out our SPOKEN Chinese Course above!

Chinese Pronunciation

1. 我要睡觉。

Wǒ yào shuìjiào. 

I want to sleep.

2. 我要水饺。

Wǒ yào shuǐjiǎo.

I want dumplings.

3. 我四十四岁。

Wǒ sìshísì suì.

I’m 44 years old.

4. 我要坐出租车。

Wǒ sìshísì suìWǒ yào zuò chūzū chē.

I want to take a taxi.

Pronouncing Mandarin Perfectly



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