“What’s up” in Chinese 怎么样/忙啥呢

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Phrase of the Day


zěnme yàng; máng shá ne

What’s up?

Dialogue 1

A: 忙啥呢?

Máng shá ne?

What’s up?

B: 没忙啥。

Méi máng shá.

Nothing much.

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Dialogue 2

A: 最近怎么样?

Zuìjìn zěnme yàng?

How’s it going?

B: 有点儿累。

Yǒu diǎnr lèi.

A bit tired.


Nǐ zuìjìn zǎ yàng?

How about you?

A: 还行。

Hái xíng.

Not bad.



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