“Take your time” in Chinese 慢慢来/别急

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Phrase of the Day


mànman lái; bié jí

Take your time.

Dialogue 1

A: 我总是写不好这个字!

Wǒ zǒngshì xiě bù hǎo zhège zì!

I always can’t write this character very well!

B: 慢慢来,别急。

Mànman lái, bié jí.

No rush. Take your time.

Dialogue 2

A: 我有好多事情要处理。

Wǒ yǒu hǎo duō shìqing yào chǔlǐ. 

There are a lot of things I have to deal with.

B: 慢慢来,加油儿!

Mànman lái, jiā yóur!

Take your time. You can do it!



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