Spoken Chinese Training Lesson 2: Ask Someone’s Name POLITELY

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Spoken Chinese training lesson 2 - "What's your name?" in Chinese and ask someone's name in a more polite way which you may not learn from Chinese textbooks - Speaking Chinese like native speakers - Speak fluent Chinese

“你叫什么名字?” is textbook language, and we don’t use it in most situations. In Chinese, just
like in other languages, it is often more polite to be a little indirect. If you meet someone for the first time and don’t know their name, the easiest way is just telling them your name, and the other person will tell you his or her name. In spoken Chinese training lesson 2, I'm going to teach you some other natural ways to ask someone's name and help you sound more polite in Chinese conversations.

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You can download the MP3 and PDF of the lesson for on-the-go learning below.


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