HSK 2 Vocabulary List (Full Lesson): 150 Basic Chinese Words Review

Are you preparing for HSK 2 (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level 2)? HSK is translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test which is the standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency of China for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese. HSK 2 is the second level test you should prepare.

Do you know those Chinese words: 宾馆[bīn guǎn], 便宜 [piányi], 已经 [yǐjīng]? They are actually some of the HSK 2 vocabulary words. There are 150 new vocabulary words and phrases in HSK 2 vocabulary list. If you’re going to build up your vocabulary or take the test for HSK 2, it’s time to memorize them!

If you want to learn Chinese for HSK 2, HSK 3 systematically and effectively, you can try our structured online courses:
🎁 Elementary Chinese HSK 2 (Full Lessons)
🎁 Intermediate Chinese HSK 3 (Full Lessons)

You can download the MP3 and PDF of this Chinese lesson for on-the-go learning. Don’t forget to take the quiz on this lesson!



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