10 Chinese Superstitions You May Not Know

In Chinese culture, there have been lots of superstitions in Chna from ancient times. Most of them are things that Chinese people like to believe but have no scientific basis. In today Chinese lesson, we will have a Chinese conversation and talk about top 10 small superstitions that some most Chinese people have. We also explained why they take the beliefs seriously. You will find out how different the superstitions are from yours at your place.

Time code in this Chinese lesson:

0:00​ - NG & Intro

0:34​ - #1 左眼跳财,右眼跳灾 

Twitching the left eye indicates fortune, and twitching the right eye indicates bad luck.

1:22​ - #2 正月剃头死舅舅

If you got a haircut in lunar January, your uncle from your mother's side would die.

2:06 - #3 打喷嚏 

Sneezes mean something.

2:46​ - #4 用筷子 

Using chopsticks

3:50 - #5 吃鱼不翻面 

Don't flip over the fish when you eat it.

4:57 - #6 红色辟邪 

The red color would exorcise evil spirits.

6:04 - #7 踩井盖会倒霉 

Stepping on sewage cover means bad luck.

6:28 - #8 屋子里别打伞 

Don't open an umbrella indoors.

6:53 - #9 捡到的钱赶紧花掉 

Spend the money you picked up quickly.

7:48 - #10 镜子不要对着床

Don't place a mirror opposite your bed.

8:14 - Tell us the superstitions in your country

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Do you have any superstitions in your country? Tell us in the comments.


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