44 Chinese Grammar Points in 44 Sentences

It's easy to master 44 Chinese grammar points in just 44 sentences! - basic Chinese grammar for beginners
In this Chinese lesson, we’re going to learn all the grammar points (HSK level 2) in 44 sentences. For more Chinese grammar points and language skills, just enroll in the hsk courses we've prepared for you.

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What’s inside the HSK 1 - 3 (beginner to intermediate) courses?
✔ Hundreds of Sructured video lectures, Chinese pronunciation, listening & writing lessons, essential Chinese words & sentence structure lessons
✔ Hundreds of audio lectures that cover common daily Chinese conversations, new words & characters, and basic sentences
✔ Hundreds of grammar points & other language tips that you may not learn from traditional textbook.
✔ Learn how to write thousands of basic Chinese characters with downloadable PDFs.
✔ Thousands of online self-assessment quizzes and exercises; HSK mock tests in real conditions.

As usual, you can download the MP3 & PDF (transcript) for on-the-go learning below:


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